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About Us

At 2become1weddingfavors.com, we are dedicated to searching for the top wedding favors with the best quality. We research weddings, venders, wedding trends , styles and top quality, etc..to provide our viewers with the best possible, up to date wedding favors ideas information, and tips. We update our site frequently to provide you with the most recent wedding favors ideas.

The beauty of weddings are breathtaking. The bride and the wedding party looking like they just stepped out of a magazine, the stunning venue, the guest dressed so beautifully. Everyone in a happy, friendly, loving mood. Wedding favors are the finishing touches and a beautiful thank you gift for the guests. That's why We choose to work hard at providing the best, top of the line favor ideas, tips and information.

Wedding shopping is fun, exciting and stressful. Our job is to help brides and grooms discover a unique, beautiful wedding favors ideas with ease. We provide photos, pricing and product descriptions, other ideas along with tips. This way when you're ready to purchase you have a good idea what you would like.

Hi I'm Stephanie, founder of 2become1wedding favors.com . I have a passion for weddings and marriage. I myself am married for 20 years (praise God) to a wonderful man. I have two boys. I'm fascinated by the beauty of weddings and the love portrayed by the happy couple.

Marriage is a love and bond that surpasses all understanding. I've read in the bible "Love covers a multitude of sins", in other words, it's that perfect love that allows us to forgive each other when wronged. The name 2become1 came from the bible in the book of Ephesians 5:31.

2 become 1 is a great marital act. Our love, bond and relationship builds so deep, that we begin to share one body. Helping, loving, and complimenting each other in strengths and weaknesses. When one hurts the other hurts, when one is joyful the other joyful, etc. Caring for one another as yourself. Becoming 1 develops over time, not over night. Sharing everything in life together, good and bad.

2become1wedding favors is family oriented. My husband and I run our site. Another dream we have is to open a wedding favors store some day.

We hope our viewers enjoy as well as become inspired by our wedding favors ideas, tips and information.

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